Dr. Gotcher and his staff provide assessments for a wide range of developmental, cognitive, academic, attention, behavior, and emotional challenges. Comprehensive psychological evaluation goals include: determine an accurate diagnosis, identifying individual strengths/weaknesses, and to make recommendations for treatment/intervention. 




  • Autism / Asperger’s Disorder / Social Pragmatic Communication Disorder

    • Social Challenges/Skills deficits

    • Sensory Processing

    • Social Anxiety

    • Adaptive Behavior / Daily Living Skills

    • Depression / low self esteem


  • ADHD / Executive Function

    • ADHD – Combined Type (i.e., impulsive, hyperactive and inattentive)

    • ADHD – Inattentive (i.e., less impulsivity or hyperactivity observed)

    • ADHD – Hyperactive, Impulsive (i.e., less inattention observed)

    • Executive function & Working Memory deficits (i.e., difficulties with planning, organizing, and following multi-step directions, etc.)


  • Emotional Challenges

    • Depression

    • Anxiety


  • Behavioral Challenges

  • Intellectual Disability

  • Talented & Gifted

  • Assessment for Social Security & Developmental Disability Services.

  • Note: We do not provide assessments for child custody or personal safety evaluations. 



  • Step 1: Intake

  • Bring all previous evaluations and IEP documents you have to the first session.

  • We will complete a detailed interview.

  • We will review previous assessments.

  • We will clarify which assessments are needed to answer your medical questions.

  • We will clarify which assessments are needed for outside services. (eg, IEP, SSI, DDS)

  • Step 2: Payment

  • We accept a number of insurances. Please contact our office for more information. 

  • Insurance: We encourage you to call your insurance company and understand your benefits for psychological testing.

  • No insurance company covers learning disability assessments. Some companies refuse ADHD assessments. Each policy is different,            please check your benefits.

  • An assessment date is set.

  • Step 3: Testing Day

  • Our goal is to make sure we get an accurate observation and assessment of your child's functioning.  Please keep the below recommendations in mind for the evaluation:

  • Sleep: It is very important to get a full night’s sleep the night before. Don’t stay up late because you have the day off!

  • Breakfast: Please eat a good breakfast so you are ready to work.

  • Glasses: Be sure to bring them!

  • Medications:

  • ADHD: Please take your medication as usual.

  • Flu: OTC medications will impact your score pattern. Please contact us ASAP if you are getting very ill.

  • Lunch:

  • We will take a break for lunch. You are welcome to either bring your lunch, or go to a neighboring restaurant.

  • Parents/Caregivers:

  • In order to obtain your full focus and attention during the clinical intake interview, if possible please make other arrangements for                    other young children that could  be a distraction during the evaluation process.

  • Bring quiet games your child likes to play. You may spend extensive time in a private interview.

  • Step 4: Feedback

  • We will set a 1 hour appointment for feedback after information is returned from supplemental sources. (eg, school)

  • The feedback session is for parents. We highly encourage all involved parents to be at this meeting.

  • The goal is to give clear, direct feedback and plan steps for intervention.

  • If possible, you will receive a summary report at the feedback meeting or upon completion. 

  • Step 5: Treatment

  • We are happy to provide ongoing treatment after the assessment, as well as make recommendations to other providers in your area. 


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