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All children will have problems from time to time. If you are worried about your child's behavior, the child has experienced a recent adjustment or trauma, you as the parent feel like you're walking on egg shells waiting for their next melt down, or there is a lot of conflict in the home or at school then it may be beneficial to meet with our behavior therapist. Our behavior therapist will sit down with your child and family to develop a treatment tailored to your family's specific needs.

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Individual counseling is appropriate for neurodiverse children and teens and their families. Family therapy sessions can teach you skills to deepen family connections and get through stressful times, even after you're done going to therapy sessions. Family therapy can be useful in any family situation that causes stress, grief, anger or conflict. It can help you and your family members understand one another better and learn coping skills to bring you closer together. Family therapy can help you and your family members understand one another better, and it can provide skills to cope with challenging situations in a more effective way. It may also help strengthen family relationships for years to come.


  • Unhealthy communication within home

  • Improving healthy communication within the home

  • Reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety

  • Suicidal Ideation

  • Increasing compliance and decreasing defiant behaviors 

  • Improving healthy ways of communicating emotional needs

  • Developing alternative coping strategies to physical aggression

  • And many more things...



  • Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • ADHD

  • Behavioral Disorders

  • Mood Disorders

  • Adjustment Issues

  • Trauma Experiences



  • ·        developing healthy boundaries.

  • ·        improving communication.

  • ·        improving family dynamics and relationships.

  • ·        providing strength and coping tools for family members.

  • ·        addressing dysfunctional interactions.

  • ·       improving the family's problem-solving abilities.

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