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SOCIAL [ thinking ] GROUPS

more than just social skills

We can help demystify the social scene for your child! We incorporate Social Thinking® concepts into everything we do here. We also weave in the Zones of Regulation® curriculum to support your child's self-regulation, facilitate social thinking abilities and develop social skills. 


The Concept of Social Thinking: more than JUST Social Skills


Social Thinking focuses on helping kids figure out how to think in social situations. Kids are taught to observe and think about their own and others’ thoughts and feelings.


They also learn the connection between thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

The idea is that kids need to develop social “thinking” before they can use social “skills.” The focus on thinking can help kids understand how to interact more effectively with others.

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  • Conversations Skills

  • Active Listening Skills  

  • Social Cues, Non-Verbals & Body Language

  • Compromising & Flexibility in Thinking

  • Appropriate Play Skills and Cooperative Play

  • Appropriate Emotional Responses with Peers

  • Conflict Resolution and Interpersonal Relationships

  • Coping with Bullying, Teasing and Peer Pressure

  • Self-Control/Impulse Control/Managing Hyperactivity

Children & Teens with 

  • Undiaganosed social challenges


  • Asperger's 

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Social Anxiety Issues

  • Developmental Delays

  • Show difficulties sharing and compromising with peers

  • Inflexible (rigid) in their thinking and behaviors

  • Difficulty picking up on body language/ picking up social cues

  • Challenges managing impulsivity 

  • The inability to see another individual’s perspective

  • The inability to stay on topic during a conversation

  • Speaking in long monologues

  • Interrupting others

  • Difficulty initiating conversations

  • Difficulty participating in peer groups

Groups are not run through insurance and cost $40 per group. Groups meet once a week for an hour.


You can schedule a free intake with our Director to find out more information and if a Social Group is right for your child! ​

We start with a FREE one hour intake interview with the Director of our Social Skill Groups, Mr. Curtis Valvo. After speaking with you about your child's social concerns and spending some time interacting with your child directly; he will make a determination as to what is the most appropriate group placement for your child.

Cornerstone Social Connect has groups for children as young as 6 years old, all the way up to groups for high school seniors and young adults; and everything in between! Age is just one factor when determining an appropriate peer group. The children need to be close in age, yes. But they also need to be with appropriate peers. We place children in groups based off their age, but also their developmental levels, language abilities and interest and areas of need.